Sunday, June 1, 2008

saturday night

Saturday night was a blast. Such a petty word, but it totally sums it up. I, along with Christie and Vanessa, went out to see a fabulous movie and had a fabulous dinner afterwards. We also looked super fabulous. What movie, you ask?? What movie brought Bakersfield women out in their heels and water bottles filled with cocktails (no joke, I saw them)?? Why, none other than Sex and the City!!

The movie was great, I cried and I laughed. And most importantly, I walked out of the theater with a true appreciation and love for my girlfriends. Our dinner conversation was also full of laughter and some tears. We shared our jobs, our relationships, our lives, the good and the bad. And absolutely loved and supported each other for where we are at. At this exact moment in our lives. Its not about comparing, its not about creating a facade, its about being honest and vulnerable. I am so blessed with great girlfriends, a relationship like none other. Not family, but almost more in a way.

So Vanessa and Christie, thanks for the refreshing and fun night.
Allie, Angie, and Jill, you were there in spirit, we missed you! (my carrie bradshaw experience sooo includes you allie and the endless amounts of dvd watching!--thanks for calling us angie, cocktails weren't the same without you)

As Samantha Jones would say..."to the next 50 years!"

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CeCe said...

I woke up feeling so good on Sunday (okay, a bit naseated, but otherwise fabulous) after hanging out with you girls Saturday night. I can't explain to you how refreshing it is to be around women who can bear their souls to each other: the good, the bad, and the oh so ugly... I love you girls more than you'll ever know, and meeting up with you gives me a natural high for the next week!