Sunday, June 15, 2008

wii-paint-the attic

So this past week has been filled with some big projects. One of them being me repainting our family room and kitchen. I had just painted the entire space a few weeks ago, and my hatred for that particular color had been growing inside of me ever since I finished. So, with some convincing, Peter picked up a gallon of my new color for me. Usually when one is trying a to find a paint color, I would suggest a quart, or even better the sample size from Lowes (which they dont advertise, but does exist). However, because he was tired of me spending money on paint I didnt like, I had to promise to use this new gallon somewhere in our house. So Sand White (which, isn't white and really doesnt look like sand--who comes up with these names anyway?) from Home Depot was going to be on some walls in our house, like it or not. Luckily, it looks great in our family room! I am so happy with the new color and even more happy to finished painting that room.

Peter has also been working on a major project this week. I will wait to reveal the result of his labor in its entirety soon, but for now here are some fabulous pics of him throughout Phase 1 of the mission: The Attic...
Peter and Aaron, kickin' it miner style
Prepping for the attic

In need of a much deserved break from paint and dust, we enjoyed a family Wii night at my parents. Thats right, my parents bought a Wii. Which is fab, because we can use it whenever and just tell them what games to buy. It was definitely a fun time for all!

Vanessa and Daniel battling in tennis

Me and Matt (he usually doesnt look this scary--hes a mechanic)

On the floor, crying with laughter after Matt's Wii performance


CeCe said...

I think your new paint color looks FABULOUS! :)

And I heart Wii. We also "suggest" to my parents too what games to get... you know, let them buy them so we can borrow them. :)

Had a great time with you all Saturday night!

Katie said...

I share your painting feelings, as I have made similar mistakes. There's nothing worse than finishing a room and knowing, immediately, that it was the wrong color. Feel free to cry on my shoulder any time, I will be happy to commiserate with you :) The house looks great!