Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday afternoons

Every Sunday afternoon, Peter and I take Scully out for a walk.
It feels like our last chance to relax before the hectic week begins.
Our last chance to talk. About anything and everything. Or our last chance to be quiet and just walk.

Its also my chance to clearly state how much I DONT want to go to work tomorrow.

{in case he didn't know}

We have been taking these Sunday walks since we were engaged and lots of important decisions have been discussed on these mini excursions.
Where to live? What job to take? When to move? What house to buy? Dog? Babies?
What team to choose on Amazing Race??

It also gives us a chance to enjoy the little town we live in. Sure. We don't have fancy walking trails, or a big grocery store, or a Target, or anything vaguely close to a Target.

But, we do have old houses. And big trees. And almond orchards. And fields. And most importantly, friendly, familiar faces that we see on our Sunday walks.
And that is just right for us.

As I listen to Christmas music and unpack my decorations, I dont want to forget about our Sunday walks in the fall.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Coffee filter wreath.
So I have been noticing these wreaths around the internet world lately and not really thinking twice about them. And then this girl posted a super cute white one on her facebook and I was sold.

The crafting bug does not usually bite me, so when it does, I have to act on it.
So after a trip to Target for the coffee filters and Michaels for the foam wreath and straight pins, I was ready to go.

I will not lie, this project took a considerable amount of time. Thankfully, it was quite simple. Which is good, because I sometimes find my brain cells a little depleted after a long day of work.

I just turned on the tv, watched Pioneer Woman show Bobby Flay who's boss, and starting pinning.

I really loved the way it turned out! Perfect for fall. I think I might make one for Christmas, using white filters and possibly some gold spray paint.

Just need to wait for that crafting bug to come bite me again...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

making whoopie

Whoopie Pies, that is.
Pumpkin whoopie pies to be exact.

I have wanted to make these treats for a while now and hosting our small group tonight presented the perfect opportunity.

Although they were a bit time consuming, they turned out cute, and more importantly, tasted great.

I followed this recipe but changed the frosting.
Cream cheese frosting was suggested in some reviews. And in my world, cream cheese frosting wins out every time.