Monday, November 16, 2009


So I spent last week in Portland for our end of year planning session. To remind you all (because I know there are so many of you) I work in marketing for a software company. Half our team lives in Portland. And because Portland is just slightly more beautiful, it won out over a retreat in Bakersfield. Close call though.

I wont bore you with mundane details. This is what we did most of the day, everyday.

BUT we did have a few chances to close our laptops and get some fresh air.

We stay in a great boutique hotel right on the river. There is a walking trail outside and one morning we bundled up and enjoyed our coffee on the trail.

One night we went out to a nice dinner to celebrate how awesome Crissy and I are. And our birthdays.

Our team building exercise was wine tasting in the Oregon hills, famous for their pinot noir. I just couldnt get over the beautiful countryside. Seriously reinforced my desire to live in the country.

This was our tour guide. She seriously reinforced my desire to have a silver bob when I am older. Loved her.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Beagles are, by nature, friendly dogs. Little hounds who like to share their territory with others. Well, our Scully has the whole backyard to herself. Her own space to roam, dig, sun bathe, and catch a scent. So to satisfy her need for social interaction, we take her to play with Sadie. My in-laws super sweet yellow lab. These two have been playing together since Scully was little. And despite their size difference, they are two peas in a pod.

And as for these two?

Yeah, Scully is not quite a friendly with them.