Thursday, April 28, 2011

spring break

Ok, so we dont technically have a Spring Break.

But we do have an annual After Tax Season Break. And after almost four long months of long hours, weekend working, and hardly seeing each other, we needed a break.

The week started with our first Dodger game of the season. The game was lame, but we had a great time.

Then it was on the the beach house for a few days of bliss.

Big Sky Cafe in SLO. Our favorite.

We came home just in time for Easter Sunday. After an amazing church service, we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with family.

I am well aware that I am not the one working like crazy during this time.
Peter is.
So, thanks Pete. You're the best ever.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

project: laundry room

So I am not sure if this classifies as a laundry room. Its more of a laundry space.
But it does the job and its all I have.
And I am thankful that its not outside in the garage.

Regardless, the laundry room was a not-cute, highly disorganized space that has remained untouched for the past three years. Before we moved in, the owner of the house had this room (and a few others) painted a horrible shade of "neutral". Think yellowish-beige. All over. Walls, ceiling, door, trim.

Aesthetically, it was not good.
Also, (and this I can't blame on anyone but us)it quickly became a disorganized dumping ground for all sorts of stuff. I have learned by living in a small house, that you have to take advantage of storage space and use it efficiently. And I was definitely NOT taking advantage of this space.

It is with storage and organization in mind, that I decided to tackle the laundry room this past weekend. Nothing major, so dont expect new cherry red, front loading machines....

Just fresh paint for the walls, cabinets, trim, and door. Cleaned, organized cabinets, and some pops of color, to help make doing laundry a bit more bearable.

This project was done using some existing materials. The gray paint was leftover from our bedroom. The yellow shelving rack used to be the microwave cart in our old apartment. It has been in a closet for 3 years and by turning it sideways and spray painting it, serves a whole new purpose.

I utilized the space by installing a closet rod for drying clothes. This allowed me to get rid of the janky drying rack I've had since college, which took up space and was barely staying upright. The built-in hamper will now be used (as well as a hamper in our bathroom)and in the empty space, we plan on putting a small chest freezer.

Overall, this was a quick, simple project that most people wont even notice, but makes a huge difference to me.