Sunday, September 28, 2008

three things

Here is an idea from Katie...a good post filler considering I made absolutely zero progress on my guest bedroom this weekend.

Three jobs I've had: lifeguard/swim instructor (3 years), university library aide extraordinaire (2.5 looong years), admin/communications for a software company (present)....there are a few more scattered in there along the way

Three places I have lived: with the fam, Fresno, on Pine Street with my husband

Three shows I watch: anything and everything on Bravo, The Office, Grey's Anatomy

Three people who email me: Peter, Christie, Jill, and many disgruntled teachers and techies from all over the country (I know thats more than 3, but this one is work related. And too substantial to ignore)

Three of my favorite foods: BBQ chicken pizza, pita from Cafe Med, angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, and pine nuts

Three places I'd rather be: in my cozy bed sleeping, the beach, anywhere with my husband

Three things I'm looking forward to this year: Christmas in our first house, finishing the guest bedroom and our bedroom, weekend getaways (the beach, Portland...) and my dear friend Allie's wedding to Sean. They rock.

Thanks Katie for the great idea!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

guest bedroom

So since this blog is called Project Pine, I thought I would share a project I am hoping to start soon. If I can ever drag myself to Lowes after work one day. Or if I ever have a free Saturday. Or if I can ever decide what I want to do with the room. So although I say soon, dont hold your breath for updates.

This is our guest room. Which I have never posted pictures of. Partly there is nothing really in it besides a bed and also because said bed is usually covered with laundry waiting to be folded. Not really something I want blown up on your screen. It has also been used as a storage room (and not organized storage, more like "I dont know where to put this crap" kind of storage). However, I recently cleaned all that up in hopes of motivating me to start on the room. It has worked....I hope.

So basically, I am starting from scratch here. The room contains a bed, covered with a quilt made by some lovely Mennonites, purchased at
this auction by my husbands generous grandparents. It was a gift and of course will stay in the room. There is also an antique dresser belonging to Peter's grandma that I want to refinish. The quilt and the dresser are inspirations for the room. I want it to be light, cozy, and comfortable. Somewhere a guest would actually like to stay.

Needed are as follows.....

Headboard (I either want to make one or find something creative)


Art/Photos for walls

Window treatments

New closet doors

New paint

Light fixture (although the original one in there looks quite similar to a
popular style I have been noticing around the blogging world)
So if any of you have anything that might work and is at a cheap price, let me know :)
I will also take cash.

The hardest part is getting started right?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Last weekend, I (with the help of my fabulous friends and fellow bridesmaids) threw a shower for our dear friend Allie. She will be saying I Do in November and this was the kickoff of shower season. I was going for a classic motif with muted colors and a vintage feel. Not sure if I followed that exactly, buy I LOVED the final outcome and I think Allie did too.

table centerpieces--hurricane with coffee beans, votive candles, fun facts about the couple, lace overlay, and a gorgeous pic of the future Mr. and Mrs. Munoz

LOVED the flowers

not to toot our own horn....but toot toot! we made all of the petite desserts (fruit pastries, mocha cupcakes, macaroons, brownie bites with orange zest cream cheese, lemon bars) and they tasted fabulous and looked cute on white cake stands and trays in varying heights

the bridesmaids extraordinaire....seriously people should pay us to be bridesmaids. we got this thing down pat.

Monday, September 15, 2008

lots of talk, little action

We have not had a free weekend in months. We like to stay busy and many of the weekends have been spent with friends, going out of town, showers, parties, so they have all been fun. However our house projects have come to a standstill. Ideas are still there. Plans are floating around. But zero action.

All I have done in the past few week, months even, is add some accessories to the dining room. And bought fabric that I hope will turn into curtains for the kitchen window. Will I make them? Hmmm....that has yet to be determined. I know a valance is an easy project, but the thought of me sitting in front of a sewing machine is actually kind of daunting. When it comes to crafty projects I have the attention span of a small child. Seriously, fabric stores overwhelm me and the scrapbooking aisle makes me shudder.

We have some fun weekends planned in the next few months but the house needs to become a priority again. I think our bedroom and the guest bedroom are next. With major things, like kitchen cabinet refacing, hopefully soon.

Here are some pics of the recent projects and by projects I mean purchases....

Vintage botanical prints from ebay. Framed by me. Placed perfectly straight by the resident picture hanger (not me)

White wicker tray to lighten the dark table. An impulse buy from Pier 1. $10 on clearance.

I have been wanting a clear, glass lamp for awhile now. Finally one on sale at Target.

The curtain fabric for the kitchen window. Helped picked out by Jill. A girl with great taste and a similar overall feeling about fabric stores.... Overwhelming. And where is there a chair to take a break?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i'm ready....

...for Fall. You know its bad when people are excited for a mid-week cool down to 92 degrees. I am so ready for clouds, for a breeze, for orange, crunchy leaves. For apple cider, using my oven, and sleeping with the windows open. For these clothes....

But the only sign around here, that Fall is upon us....

Every Saturday....

oh well, we shouldn't get too excited yet. Its supposed to be about 100 early next week...sigh

sweet suite

Last Friday night was a new experience at Dodger Stadium for Peter and I. We received 4 tickets (took his parents) in a private suite, and needless to say, were very excited to see what it would be like. We got there early (in typical Peter fashion) and walked through the Dodger offices, past the press box and to the suite. We were greeted with free drinks, tons of food (our own Dodger Dog station!), and great seats. And it wasnt just peanuts and nachos either people. And dont get me started on the dessert cart that came around in the 7th inning. And since we were there first, we got the prime seats in the outside box. And they won! Which always makes for a better night and car ride home. It was a fabulous night with my favorite guy cheering on our favorite team.

please do not pay attention to the prego-esque of this picture--its my shirt. memo to self: think twice before wearing this shirt again

think blue!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

santa barbara

The majority of Labor Day weekend was spent in Santa Barbara with my fabulous friends. We were there to celebrate the upcoming wedding of our dear Allie. About four years ago, we started the tradition of taking a whole weekend to celebrate the bride to be. We have gone to the Central Coast, San Francisco, Southern California, and this time Santa Barbara. It is a great way to catch up and spend time as friends. We had a blast! This girl is fortunate to have a house right on the water, so a lot of time was spent on the balcony just enjoying the wonderful view. And the cool weather. I mean, considering it was over 100 when we left, we Valley girls were ready for the ocean breeze.

We stayed up too late, ate way too much, enjoyed fabulous beverages, lounged on the beach, went out on the town, and shared our lives. The good, the bad, the hilarious.

We also had an uncontrollable-tear inducing-falling on the floor laughing fit over an...ahem...interesting deck of cards featuring men from the 80's. Mullets and all. Found at a gas station in New Orleans. Thanks Vanessa , we needed that!

peace protest on state street. this guy was classic. everyone in the march was about his age.

LOVE this house!

the blushing bride-to-be

the girls