Saturday, March 28, 2009

in like a lion...

...out like a lamb. March. The month is almost over and I feel like it just flew on by. With the impact of tax season and the final few weeks of Jr. Miss (a scholarship program I volunteer with) we barely had time to sit and breathe. And never together. The house had been neglected. My kitchen missed me. And the laundry was piled way, way too high. But now things are starting to calm down. Finally.

Which means more time for this....

and this!...

new pillows to welcome spring. made by me. with the help of these two sassy seamstresses. and the moral support of this girl. sorry to monopolize your time ladies. i swear next time, you will be blown away by my cutting skills.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


This is what we woke up to Sunday morning....

The beach! The sun! Santa Barbara!

A BIG thanks to Dave and Angie for letting us tag along on a fun weekend away. We arrived Saturday afternoon and spent the rest of the day walking on the beach, barbequeing, and going to State St. for dessert. Today we enjoyed a leisurly breakfast, played with the dogs on the beach, and shopped in Santa Barbara.

Highlights included seeing a big dead seal washed up on the beach (gross, I know, but fascinating too), the perfect weather, letting ourselves get lost in this store, and of course the great time spent with dear friends.

Oh, and check Angie's blog for updates...featuring an awesome celeb encounter

Thanks again you guys! With the busyness of this time a year it was fabulous to sneak in a little getaway.