Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

Peter's office gets wild and crazy on Halloween, complete with a costume contest. Those of you who know Peter, know he is not really a costume kind of guy. But he is a good sport, so last year he went as a Dodger fan. Not exactly a costume (more like his everyday wardrobe from April to October) but it was free, so I was all for it. Well this year he decided to up the ante.

Instead of Dodger Fan '08, Peter transformed himself into the one and only Manny Ramirez. He even removed the dreads from and old Jamaican hat and carefully sewed (thats right, sewed) them into the lining of one of his old Dodger hats. Sunglasses and a baggy Dodger warm-up outfit made the transformation complete. He was definitely an office favorite.

As for tonight, we are staying home and passing out candy, hoping to see lots of trick or treaters from our little neighborhood.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

6 years

On October 28, 2002 Peter and Toni became boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, technically we never really said those words, but we had our first kiss together, which, you know, basically means the same thing when you are in high school. It was after Bible Study in front of our youth pastor's house. Scandalous, I know. While leaning on my old turquoise Mustang. We were so cool.

Our first date happened 4 days later. We went to see The Ring. Such a fun and light-hearted movie for our first date.

Here is a look back through pictures of our dating years. It was fun looking at these again, and there are sooo many more. Just let me know if any of you would like to create a cute scrapbook for me for free. I will pay you with moral support, of course.

high school beach retreat

first of many, many Dodger games

snowboarding in college

making fajitas in the ghetto ranchwoods in fresno


Christie's wedding

torrey ridge apartment in fresno....shudder

the beach

all of that (and so much more) led to this...

and here we are, 6 years after that first kiss. which led to more than I could have even imagined.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am horrible about remembering my camera and did not take any pictures of out time at the beach. So to make up for it I will take some pics of what I bought! Um...thats just as good, right? I couldnt wait to unpack my new dishes and try them out. I am definitely happy with my purchase. As if the $3.50 price tag wasnt good enough, they actually look great on their own or paired with my green PB dishes. And they compliment the black table very well.

So if you are in need (or want) of some cute accent dishes, check out Pottery Barn. They are on clearance and come in a few different designs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

time off

I am sitting here typing this post from our family's beach house, although I really should be cleaning up. We planned this long weekend away a while ago, but it could not have come at a more perfect time. Between tax deadlines for Peter and meetings and projects for me, work has been stressful lately. Not to mention, the emotional end of the Dodger's season. So this time off at the beach was definitely needed.

We spent our time doing the usual things, sleeping in, watching a lot of hgtv and espn, eating at our favorite places, enjoying large amounts of frozen yogurt ( mint...yes, please), and shopping. I am really excited about some super cute black and white accent dishes found at Pottery Barn on sale and a wall hanging that I think might work in the guest bedroom (with a little tweaking of course).

The weather was perfect and the time spent away with Peter was even better.

Now its back to the Valley, back to getting up early, and hopefully back to working on some house projects. I think Peter is sensing my ansyness, as it is only a couple months till the Holidays and then tax season sets in. When life as we know it ceases to exist.

Monday, October 13, 2008

one down....

three to go! Sunday afternoon, the Frantz fam went to cheer on the Dodgers. We were definitely not alone, as that night set a record for the most people at a Dodger game. The game was exciting (5 runs in the first inning), the crowd was electric, and I swung that rally towel around like nobody's business.

Here are some highlights:

spending time with my peter

garlic fries, need I say more?

a bench clearing (almost) brawl

seeing Tiger Woods...and not just on the big screen--he was sitting in the section in front of us

seeing our friends matt and sam at the gas station on the way out

sorry no pic--I had been sleeping in the car anyway, so a picture would definitely not be flattering

did I mention this guy?
and please disregard the people behind us...they were super grouchy. I tried to make sure the lint from my crazy, flying rally towel went all over them. And I will say, when they stood up to leave, she definitely had some fuzzies on her forest green velour suit. mission accomplished.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

yard sale

So every year, the ladies in our church have a big yard sale (inside our gym). I was asked to come and help set up a couple days before. It also gave me a chance to scope out the loot and hide anything I wanted to buy the next evening, when the yard sale was open to the public. Here are my finds:

old wooden tray. I have a thing for trays right now (anyone know where I can find a galvanized metal tray? I am on the hunt) . Not sure what color I want to paint this one.

old chair. I really liked the lines of this cute chair. I am thinking of painting it creamy white or maybe a buttery yellow for the guest room.

white plates. I really want to do a display of white plates on the wall in my front (dining) room. perhaps hang them with ribbon.

tray-table. I just thought this was cute. Not sure if I will use it as is, or maybe just the tray top.

Now I am a yard sale novice. I will not pretend that I go all the time (or thrifting for that matter) and find all these great pieces. Nor will this one experience spur a love for yard sales within me. If you knew how early I have to get up during the week for work, you would understand why searching for yard sales is the last thing I would want to wake up and do on a Saturday. However, I will say I was happy with my finds and happy with the price tag. $5.50.


Well, in my quest to finish the guest room before, I dont know 2010, I have checked re finishing the dresser off the list. I loved the lines of this old dresser and knew I wanted it white with clear knobs, so this was actually quite an easy project. All it took was sanding it down, 2 thin coats of oil-based primer (better for furniture), and 2 coats of Martha Stewart's Picket Fences. Add a few clear acrylic knobs from Target (wanted glass, but didnt want the price) and viola!--a new and improved dresser.

I love the way it turned out, a creamy white with a little original wood on the edges, and it will look great in the guest room and a baby's room later on. much, much later on.

Other than that and a few additional accessories and a possible headboard idea, the room is at a standstill. We need to replaster the ceiling , which needs to be done obviously before anything else. My goal is to get to that this week. However with the current state of the Dodgers and the up and down roller coaster they are putting us through, the ceiling might get the back burner this week. So stay tuned, I swear this room will be done before 2010.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

dear los angeles dodgers,

Because of you, I am spending this Saturday night alone. Because of you, I have spent many nights alone. I have also spent countless hours in the car driving to and from the stadium.

Because of you, I have learned the legend that is Vin Scully and the crapness that is Charlie Steiner. I have learned that even if the game is not on tv, we will for sure be listening to it on the radio. And that if the tv announcers are not up to par (meaning, not Vin), that it is just as effective to turn the tv to mute and turn the radio on.

Because of you, I know so many team facts that I am somehow able to retain. Players names, positions, where they are from, numbers, mothers maiden name. I know the power of Manny and what he has brought to LA. And I know at any given time, what major players are on the DL.

Becuase of you, I have regular discussions with my husband about not painting a blue stripe in our office. Excuse me, a Dodger blue stripe. I have to read articles found by my husband just to learn more about you and further understand his love for you. And I have spent countless, countless hours listening to him analyze you, complain about you, and cheer for you.

And because of you, tonight, I have a very happy husband. And because of you I was teary eyed (no, more than that--I was crying) sitting here and watching that last out and clapping my hands really fast (my way of showing excitment, or what happens when I see something cute--clothes, houses, babies...) Knowing how exciting and ecstatic he is at the staduim. I wish I could have been there to see his face.


Now the Dodgers are not in the World Series (yet!), but this is the farthest they have gotten in 20 years. And I have faith they will go all the way. This may seem dramatic to some of you, but let me assure you, the Dodgers are a big, BIG part of our lives. It is not just when we go to games, it is everyday. Sometimes I complain. Sometimes I get tired of it. But I am so happy and thankful to have a husband who is so passionate and excited about something...besides me of course.

even though my husband thinks blogs are pretty lame, this post is for him. because I love him and he loves me. and the Dodgers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

a good way... get over the mid-week blues is to watch the Dodgers beat the Cubs in the first playoff game and have some great friends over for dinner. Thanks Dave and Angie! And thanks James Loney. You helped make for a happy husband and a fun evening.

Here's to Game 2!