Sunday, June 1, 2008

one project at a time

This weekend wasn't the most productive we have had, but we did manage to get a few things done. We are nearly finished with the exterior painting. Next step is landscaping, which makes me both excited and overwhelmed. Excited because I know the curb appeal will continue to improve with the addition of more bushes and colorful flowers. Overwhelmed because there are so many choices and my thumb is not exactly green. Actually, it is nowhere near green. Plants can be expensive. And dead plants are an obvious waste. I think this is why my husband changes the subject every time I mention buying new plants.

I finally chose a paint color for the family room, a very light taupey-grey. I know, really adventurous. I just wanted a calm, relaxing color. I am not sure I got what I expected but it will have to do for now, mainly because I am tired of painting. However, I have started to paint the doors and trim a bright white, which makes the grey come out more, definitely something I wanted. We also finally put up some wall shelves Peter's parents got me for Christmas. The grouping of pictures changes multiple times a day but I feel they compliment wall nicely.


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CeCe said...

That is it. I'm coming over pronto. I need to see all this beauty in person!

Life Lived Abundantly said...

the house is adorable...aahhh...buying in los our near future, and by near i think 5 years because of where we want to live. sigh.