Sunday, June 8, 2008

summer weekend

Summer has officially begun! Although summer takes on a whole new meaning when you aren't in school (or work at a school), we are excited for the upcoming few months. This past weekend was spent in two of our favorite summer locations--Dodger Stadium and Pismo Beach. We headed down to the Dodger game on Thursday, and although our Boys in Blue lost, the game was very exciting. No fun celebrity sightings, except Larry King, who looks like a walking skeleton. One highlight was the super cool hand dryer in the restroom. I have heard about them, and since this was our first time in our regular seats I finally got to experience them. They are made by Dyson (you know, the super expensive vacuums made by that weird European man) and literally dry your hands in seconds. Definitely worth a couple trips to the bathroom.

some of you may know and appreciate these fine older gentlemen and their younger chauffeur we saw at the game. too cute! (grandpa roger, art, lowell, and randy)

We headed over to the beach right after the game. Our time there was spent doing the usual things, walking on the beach, shopping, and eating. It was fun to have my parents and sister spend the weekend with us. Although our time over there was too short, it was relaxing. And the weather was perfect!


CeCe said...

Did you eat at the Dutch place?! Fruit Barn?! :)

Glad you had a fun weekend. And glad that work is going well!

Is it Martini time again yet?!

Toni said...

Sadly, yes to the Dutch Place and no to the fruit did I let that happen??

It is definitely about that time again :)