Monday, June 30, 2008

bathroom update

Sadly, none of those paint chips were the right color. Saturday morning I decided to try a new approach...pick out a color and buy a gallon. Do not bring in samples, just be confident and commit. Obviously my 50 paint chips and sample size cans were not working. I shouldn't be surprised by this, as I have now learned that I am horrible at trying to match colors. And I hate to paint. So naturally I was super frustrated as I stood in front of the paint counter at Lowes on Saturday and tried to get some decent info out of the dude behind the counter. He was useless and apparently my attitude towards him reflected that, as Peter later told me that I was embarrassing. Yeah, sorry about that.

So after analyzing the situation on Friday night, I decided to go back to my original plan and use a neutral color on the walls. With a blue toilet and bathtub, the room has enough blue. And since the only window is in the adjoining laundry room, I wanted to keep the bathroom light and clean looking. So the wall paint is done. Next up is the cabinets and door. Pictures to come soon.


CeCe said...

Um, yeah for the paint, but what was in the BOX!?

And I get sooooooooooooo annoyed at the paint people who never know ANYTHING about paint. I told the guy that I liked a certain color, but it had too much pink tones in it, was there something that had a bit more yellow, and he just started at me and said to pick out a yellow color. Um, I don't WANT yellow, I want tan, just not with so much PINK in it...

I need to learn to be patient, it isn't like they went to college to become official paintalogists or something but SEROIUSLY. Do they have to pass a stupid test to work there?!

Can't wait to see updated pictures!

Vanessa said...

i second that first sentence - WHAT WAS IN THE BOX?

Katie said...

Can't wait to see the color. Do post pictures soon.