Tuesday, June 3, 2008

first year

On Monday, Peter and I celebrated our first year anniversary. We both definitely decided it has been the best year ever. It has flown by, and yet we have experienced many major decisions, changes, and good times. All of them experienced together. Side by side. I love him and he loves me, we couldn't ask for more.
So a common question around anniversary time is "Did you save your cake?". No we did not. But for good reasons.

Reason 1: I like cake. I looooved our wedding cake. There was no way I was going to compromise the flavor of cake by placing it in a freezer for a year. Gross.

Reason 2: A huge foil wrapped hard chunk of cake takes up valuable space in the freezer.

Reason 3: The bakery we used (and still use and love) gives their brides a complimentary cake for their first anniversary. They are also against freezing cakes.

So it may not be traditional, but tonight Peter and I will be enjoying fresh lemon poundcake with lemon buttercream filling and buttercream frosting. Not a poorly defrosted lump of something that once was cake.

disclaimer: to those of you who followed this tradition--thats great! To each his own, right?

the reason for the "1 day" is that the pastry chef was very ill and couldn't have it ready till today. however, she did send us delicious red velvet and oreo cupcakes yesterday. i also think she sent us 15 pounds.--the smudge on the side is from my finger. I just couldn't resist.

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