Sunday, May 23, 2010


We celebrated my sister Nikki's upcoming graduation with a family dinner on Sunday.

Her requests:
bbq chicken
homemade mac and cheese
grandpa's vanilla ice cream

We happily obliged.

Nikki is the youngest. Our baby. The fact that she is finished with high school is hard for me to accept. In fact, I still don't think it has set in.
Before I start are some pics from the party!

Nikki, through the years. Yes, I realize these are pictures of pictures.

my personal favorite

I seriously cannot look at this picture without smiling. Nikki went through a phase where she was really into posing. And every pose included a pointed finger. As you can see, this picture was no different.

A fun night celebrating Nikster. I love that girl.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Here are some things I have been loving this month of May...

strawberries from the strawberry stand.
they are so, so much better than anything you will find in a store.
I will be so, so sad when the field is picked clean.

bike rides.
bike rides out in the country.
bike rides to the Mack's for Dodger bbqs.

homemade bread.
whole wheat honey oatmeal bread.

reg geraniums in my red pots.
these pots have been empty for 2 years
it was about time. even my neighbors were making comments.
no promises on how long they will last.

cherries from the farm.
so sweet.

tuesday night Dodger games.
just me and my man.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it's time for....

Dodger Baseball!!!

Last Friday we went to our first game of the season.

We took my mom and sister (sadly my dad had to work at the last minute)

It was 60's night, so my mom thoroughly enjoyed rocking out to all the tunes.
I love her.

Our night included Dodger Dogs, garlic fries, nachos, sunflower seeds, and frozen yogurt.

And a stomach ache.

But you gotta go all out sometimes. And they won!

Till next time Chavez Ravine...

ps..sorry for the fuzzy iPhone pics