Tuesday, July 1, 2008

opened the box

This was in the box.

A new cruiser bike! I love it.

**edited....Thanks to my Peter for 1. surprising me with this bike and 2. surprising me with this post. He knew I had been wanting to post about it and must have done it while I was asleep last night, exhausted from all the stuff we have been doing around the house. He's the best.

Hopefully, I will get a couple more pics up of my retro cruiser. It took a long time to find a bike that was cute and not covered in hibiscus flower decals. I love the stiching and whitewall tires and light blue rims! The last time I had a bike was my sophomore year of high school, so I was definitely pumped to take my first ride around the neighborhood!


CeCe said...

I LOVE IT! Okay, that settles it. I'm getting a bike trailer for Sam, we're throwing our stuff in the truck, and we are headed to Shafter. I miss our bike rides around town... okay, well, usually it was a bike ride to Gio's where you were working so that we could mooch huge slabs of carrot cake off of you while you ate abnormal amounts of broccoli for dinner.

MISS YOU! Can't wait for tomorrow night! Gonna get my Country Club and King Cobra on!

Toni said...

LOVE IT!! Just ride down Santa Fe, Randy does it all the time so it must be safe. And we will go get sno funs, generals sodas, and massive carrot cakes. See you tomorrow!

allie said...

That is sooo cute!! Where did it come from?

Jill said...

How sweet of Peter! And comments like these make me much more tempted to move back. :)