Tuesday, September 2, 2008

santa barbara

The majority of Labor Day weekend was spent in Santa Barbara with my fabulous friends. We were there to celebrate the upcoming wedding of our dear Allie. About four years ago, we started the tradition of taking a whole weekend to celebrate the bride to be. We have gone to the Central Coast, San Francisco, Southern California, and this time Santa Barbara. It is a great way to catch up and spend time as friends. We had a blast! This girl is fortunate to have a house right on the water, so a lot of time was spent on the balcony just enjoying the wonderful view. And the cool weather. I mean, considering it was over 100 when we left, we Valley girls were ready for the ocean breeze.

We stayed up too late, ate way too much, enjoyed fabulous beverages, lounged on the beach, went out on the town, and shared our lives. The good, the bad, the hilarious.

We also had an uncontrollable-tear inducing-falling on the floor laughing fit over an...ahem...interesting deck of cards featuring men from the 80's. Mullets and all. Found at a gas station in New Orleans. Thanks Vanessa , we needed that!

peace protest on state street. this guy was classic. everyone in the march was about his age.

LOVE this house!

the blushing bride-to-be

the girls


Angie said...

SO FUN! We need to start thinking of other things to celebrate since we're running out of weddings...

allie said...

Thank you for putting together such a fabulous weekend! We really need to keep having an annual weekend getaway

CeCe said...


I love LURCH para vida! :)

CeCe said...

oh... and by the way... what IS that delicious drink that Allie is holding in her hand!? Hmmmmm... sure looks tasty!