Sunday, September 21, 2008


Last weekend, I (with the help of my fabulous friends and fellow bridesmaids) threw a shower for our dear friend Allie. She will be saying I Do in November and this was the kickoff of shower season. I was going for a classic motif with muted colors and a vintage feel. Not sure if I followed that exactly, buy I LOVED the final outcome and I think Allie did too.

table centerpieces--hurricane with coffee beans, votive candles, fun facts about the couple, lace overlay, and a gorgeous pic of the future Mr. and Mrs. Munoz

LOVED the flowers

not to toot our own horn....but toot toot! we made all of the petite desserts (fruit pastries, mocha cupcakes, macaroons, brownie bites with orange zest cream cheese, lemon bars) and they tasted fabulous and looked cute on white cake stands and trays in varying heights

the bridesmaids extraordinaire....seriously people should pay us to be bridesmaids. we got this thing down pat.


CeCe said...

We are SPICEY hot.

People should also pay us to make homemade iceing. Especially black homemade icing. We are VERy good at that. :)

Beautiful shower... beautiful bride... can't wait until the beautiful par-tay, er, I mean, wedding, that is to come! :)

Angie said...

We just keep getting better and better at this stuff! As the official raw macaroon taste-tester, I think the only improvement we could have made would have been to serve raw macaroons. Maybe next time.