Sunday, August 24, 2008

tag, you're it

So I have been tagged by the fabulous Christie. Most of you know alot about me, so instead of racking my brain to come up with random facts no one knows, I will pretend I have a bunch of anonymous readers out there. So fellow bloggers, these are for you....

Random Facts...

1. I don't know how to whistle. Like, at all. I get the whole concept and have tried it many, many, many times but nothing even remotely sounding like a whistle comes out. Sometimes in the car I will try and whistle to a tune, then my husband looks over and gives me the "that was not even close" look. Then he will proceed the whistle the remainder of the song flawlessly. Ugh.

2. One day, I hope to live in the country and raise a family there. My husband had that kind of upbringing and I think it is great for kids. In the meantime, our project Pine is keeping us busy in the big city :)

3. Speaking of family, I was raised in a family of funeral directors. My grandpa started the business and my dad and aunt took over. At one point we had four funeral homes. My parents are currently running a mortuary in another city. I grew up working at the business, it was a huge part of our lives. My favorite question people ask is "Have you ever seen a dead person?" Um...yes (wouldn't you if you grew up down the street and worked there??) Many. And in all different stages. Some may think this is gross or weird, but it was and is normal to us. I actually respect and admire my parents for having a compassionate heart of service for people in need, whatever walk of life they may be. They have taught us all a lot about serving others. That, and our family always has interesting dinner conversations.

4. I have a very bad habit of reading through the gossip magazines in line at the grocery store, without the intention of ever buying them or putting them back in the right spot. I usually pick my line according to what one has the magazine I want to see. Often, I will leave my cart, step out of line and reach over someone to grab the desired magazine (usually US Weekly). So rude, I know. I need to stop. I have become used to the dirty look I get from the store employee when I put the magazine away at the last minute, in completely the wrong spot, whatever one is closest to the register. I mean, there is no way I am spending $4.99 on a magazine that doesnt have useful information or pages to tear out. Especially when I can get my fix on Perez. But while I am in line I just have to be doing something besides staring at the person with the overloaded cart in front of me, wondering how long this will take, and how much their total will be.

5. Going along the lines of shopping, I always walk out of Target stunned by the total on my receipt. I mean, didnt I come to buy toothpaste and toilet paper?? Because of this sticker shock, I have gotten in the habit of checking my receipt as soon as it is handed to me. No-I do not want the receipt in the bag! I try to analyze how the end number appeared on the screen in front of me. I usually walk out accepting the defeat that is red and white store, however two weeks ago my receipt analysis paid off. They charged me twice for three items! Over $20 in overages. So I told the employee checking me out and she directed me to the exchange counter (of course), where I promptly explained my situation. Everything was taken care of and I walked out of there proudly. Like I won or something. Toni-1, Target-infinity

6. I love to read cookbooks. My own, my moms, at the bookstore, wherever. However, I hate when there aren't any pictures. I know, serious foodies dont need pictures. But I do. And come on, I know it is more expensive to publish with pictures and everything, but dont you think the book would sell more copies. I am not saying a picture for every recipe, but quite a few. Like 90%. They can leave out pictures for recipes with fish or goat cheese. But dont expect me to buy the book and make the Thai Noodle Salad if there isnt a nice, glossy picture.

I cant remember if I do 6 or 7, so here is an extra just to be sure.

7. I pop my joints. All the time. Fingers, neck, back, toes, ankles, wrists, you name it. Its kinda gross and a horrible habit but I have been doing it forever. I know, I know, I will have huge knuckles when I am 60 (or something like that). But for the previous 50 years I will have had the satisfaction of knowing I can pop my fingers 4 different ways whenever I feel like it. Eww.

Ok, I tag Angie and Sean (and by Sean, I mean Allie). Oh, and Jill. I did one and now you have to!


CeCe said...

Yeah, Toni! You did it!

And working for the funeral home isn't as weird as actually LIVING at the funeral home. Ahem, like some of your other family members. J/K. ALthough I did find it quite creepy that you could just walk through their living room and open the door to a room full of caskets. :) Creepy in a cool way though, like the chick from My Girl.

Can't wait for this weekend! Par-Tay!

Jill said...

I did my tag. And I think you should start using all of the stuff they keep by the register. Pop in a stick of gum, use the nail clippers to get that hang nail that's been bothering you, bite off a piece of beef jerky, and wash it all down with a swig of diet pepsi. Then put it all back. Suddenly the store clerk wouldn't care so much that you're just browsing the magazines. :)