Thursday, September 25, 2008

guest bedroom

So since this blog is called Project Pine, I thought I would share a project I am hoping to start soon. If I can ever drag myself to Lowes after work one day. Or if I ever have a free Saturday. Or if I can ever decide what I want to do with the room. So although I say soon, dont hold your breath for updates.

This is our guest room. Which I have never posted pictures of. Partly there is nothing really in it besides a bed and also because said bed is usually covered with laundry waiting to be folded. Not really something I want blown up on your screen. It has also been used as a storage room (and not organized storage, more like "I dont know where to put this crap" kind of storage). However, I recently cleaned all that up in hopes of motivating me to start on the room. It has worked....I hope.

So basically, I am starting from scratch here. The room contains a bed, covered with a quilt made by some lovely Mennonites, purchased at
this auction by my husbands generous grandparents. It was a gift and of course will stay in the room. There is also an antique dresser belonging to Peter's grandma that I want to refinish. The quilt and the dresser are inspirations for the room. I want it to be light, cozy, and comfortable. Somewhere a guest would actually like to stay.

Needed are as follows.....

Headboard (I either want to make one or find something creative)


Art/Photos for walls

Window treatments

New closet doors

New paint

Light fixture (although the original one in there looks quite similar to a
popular style I have been noticing around the blogging world)
So if any of you have anything that might work and is at a cheap price, let me know :)
I will also take cash.

The hardest part is getting started right?


Katie said...

I love that dresser!

Jordan said...

you should put in a massive trampoline and then pad the walls. it could be the fun room.

Toni said...

jordan--we actually looked into that but the padded walls put us over budget. and what fun would an indoor trampoline be without padded walls??