Tuesday, September 9, 2008

sweet suite

Last Friday night was a new experience at Dodger Stadium for Peter and I. We received 4 tickets (took his parents) in a private suite, and needless to say, were very excited to see what it would be like. We got there early (in typical Peter fashion) and walked through the Dodger offices, past the press box and to the suite. We were greeted with free drinks, tons of food (our own Dodger Dog station!), and great seats. And it wasnt just peanuts and nachos either people. And dont get me started on the dessert cart that came around in the 7th inning. And since we were there first, we got the prime seats in the outside box. And they won! Which always makes for a better night and car ride home. It was a fabulous night with my favorite guy cheering on our favorite team.

please do not pay attention to the prego-esque of this picture--its my shirt. memo to self: think twice before wearing this shirt again

think blue!

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