Sunday, September 28, 2008

three things

Here is an idea from Katie...a good post filler considering I made absolutely zero progress on my guest bedroom this weekend.

Three jobs I've had: lifeguard/swim instructor (3 years), university library aide extraordinaire (2.5 looong years), admin/communications for a software company (present)....there are a few more scattered in there along the way

Three places I have lived: with the fam, Fresno, on Pine Street with my husband

Three shows I watch: anything and everything on Bravo, The Office, Grey's Anatomy

Three people who email me: Peter, Christie, Jill, and many disgruntled teachers and techies from all over the country (I know thats more than 3, but this one is work related. And too substantial to ignore)

Three of my favorite foods: BBQ chicken pizza, pita from Cafe Med, angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, and pine nuts

Three places I'd rather be: in my cozy bed sleeping, the beach, anywhere with my husband

Three things I'm looking forward to this year: Christmas in our first house, finishing the guest bedroom and our bedroom, weekend getaways (the beach, Portland...) and my dear friend Allie's wedding to Sean. They rock.

Thanks Katie for the great idea!


Sean said...

not looking forward to our wedding eh?

CeCe said...

please, sean, we are all looking forward to your wedding so much that it goes without saying... :)

Um, and can we please stress that the tomatoes must be FRESH... not canned that they CLAIM to be FRESH! :)