Monday, September 15, 2008

lots of talk, little action

We have not had a free weekend in months. We like to stay busy and many of the weekends have been spent with friends, going out of town, showers, parties, so they have all been fun. However our house projects have come to a standstill. Ideas are still there. Plans are floating around. But zero action.

All I have done in the past few week, months even, is add some accessories to the dining room. And bought fabric that I hope will turn into curtains for the kitchen window. Will I make them? Hmmm....that has yet to be determined. I know a valance is an easy project, but the thought of me sitting in front of a sewing machine is actually kind of daunting. When it comes to crafty projects I have the attention span of a small child. Seriously, fabric stores overwhelm me and the scrapbooking aisle makes me shudder.

We have some fun weekends planned in the next few months but the house needs to become a priority again. I think our bedroom and the guest bedroom are next. With major things, like kitchen cabinet refacing, hopefully soon.

Here are some pics of the recent projects and by projects I mean purchases....

Vintage botanical prints from ebay. Framed by me. Placed perfectly straight by the resident picture hanger (not me)

White wicker tray to lighten the dark table. An impulse buy from Pier 1. $10 on clearance.

I have been wanting a clear, glass lamp for awhile now. Finally one on sale at Target.

The curtain fabric for the kitchen window. Helped picked out by Jill. A girl with great taste and a similar overall feeling about fabric stores.... Overwhelming. And where is there a chair to take a break?


Katie said...

Love the clear lamp. I'd love to buy one myself. And although I don't share your sentiments about fabric stores (I find them to be more like Disneyland really...) I absolutely love your fabric choices. Can't wait to see the finished project.

CeCe said...

I love the green fabric! And although I love fabric, yes agree there should be more chairs. And snacks. I get hungry when picking out fabric. :)


Angie said...

LOVE the lamp! I can totally relate to the short attention span - remember when I got all into making bead necklaces for like 10 minutes before I figured out it was too time consuming and decided to just buy a necklace instead?? The fabric is adorable though!