Monday, December 8, 2008

I won!

Well, not me exactly, but my team won. Way to go Nick and Star! I picked you the very first episode, and you came through! You granted me bragging rights for at least one night.

Every season of the Amazing Race, Peter and I each pick a team to win. I am never successful. Once, my team got kicked off the very first episode (thanks alot Vipul and Arti). Peter has picked the top team twice (surprise, surprise). But this season I was victorious. Whoo hoo! I am the winner!

I would like to take this time to thank CBS for such a great show, Phil for being a fabulous host, and of course, Nick and Star for winning the race, and giving me the opportunity to jump and dance around the living room and gloat in Peter's face. I dont often have that opportunity :)

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Momma D said...

HA HA! I picked this team as well. I don't think I EVER saw them fight with each other. See siblings CAN get along!

Love stalking your blog girl!