Tuesday, December 23, 2008

christmas vacation

My employer graciously gave the company paid time off this week. Peter asked for the week off. Our original plan was to spend a couple days at Disneyland. We were not on the same page regarding this trip, as his plan was to only spend one day there and as I thought that would be a waste. Disneyland, at Chritsmas, in one day? It cannot be done. So that plan died.

Our backup?


This is what we have been doing for the past four days. Cleaned, sanded, primed, sanded, painted. Repeat. It has been a long, tedious project. Not hard necessarily, just time consuming. We are still waiting for the doors to fully dry before we hang them. This wet weather we have been having has not helped in the process. I also need to put away the rest of my dishes.

We have had minimal showers, drank a lot of caffeine, inhaled a ton of paint fumes, and probably ingested some poison from the old varnish dust. But we are happy and proud of ourselves. And think it looks pretty great.

We cant wait to hang the doors, add the new molding, and put on the hardware. This was a project I had in my mind since the first time we looked at this house. I am so happy we decided to tackle it.

Final before and after pics coming soon.... (hopefully!)


CeCe said...

they look great! can't wait to see the finished product.

bummed we couldn't come over tonight, but I didn't think you wanted the stench of my child's vomit to mix with the stench of the paint. :)

miss you and love you lots! have a great christmas!

Toni said...

christie--I was bummed too. But totally understand. Besides, I finally got my house semi clean, so baby vomit would have totally cramped my style :) love ya!

Katie said...

Simply Amazing!

Sharon said...

Congratulations! They look good without doors so with them they will be fabulous!