Saturday, December 6, 2008

deck the halls

Our Friday night plans included finding the perfect tree, buying lights for the outside our our house (still working on that one), and scoring some yummy Chinese food. After scratching the first and third off our list we proceeded home to decorate the tree, listen to Christmas music, and drink hot chocolate. You know, be all cute and cozy and Christmasy. Of course, things didnt go exactly as planned.

First the tree would not fit in the holder. The trunk was too fat. I refused to believe this when Peter told me, so I just kept pulling out the ornaments. Please just make it work. I mean, how can we be cute and cozy and Christmasy without a tree? So after whittling the tree down with his carving tools (what? Peter doesnt seem like the type of guy who likes to carve animal figurines out of logs?? Yeah, you're right. He had a saw)it fit into the stand. Check.

So then my sister came over to help decorate the tree. Perfect! A little sister bonding time while decking the halls. Definitely meets my Christmasy goal. Well, the hope of some great Christmas music was slashed by Delilah. I couldnt find my cd's. No worry, I thought, 101.5 is playing Christmas music 24/7. Well, no, they aren't. When Delilah is on all you hear are annoying callers taking way too long to tell their holiday stories. They were either depressing or super cheesy. And after the story Delilah proceeds to play the chorus of a great carol, only to cut it off short and come back on the air with her husky, monotone voice. Great.

Sans-music, we put the decorations up. They look great. Its pretty late by now, sister has gone home, I am sleepy, but a part of my original plan was being cute and cozy. So by golly, we were going to be cute and cozy. So I heated up a kettle of water (no milk in our hot chocolates) and we sat down to watch something fun on tv. Nothing fun was on. NOTHING. During this time of searching, the kettle was done. Too done apparently. The hot chocolate was scalding. So we ended the night watching Prison Lock-up on MSNBC (a show profiling prisons and prison violence in CA)and barely being able to sip our boiling drinks. I mean, if that isnt cute, cozy, and Christmasy I dont know what is.

a shot of our front room, complete with a big window to show off our tree--something I have always wanted


Sharon said...

I gave up trying to be cute and cozy while decorating the tree long ago. We now have a fake tree and the decorations usually go up while Oprah is on the tv!

vanessa said...

TONI! why in the world didn't you call the toews family?? you know we have countless manheim steamroller Christmas CDs on hand! my mom and i tried to do the same with our decorations, music and a bottle of wine as we have done for the past 3 years... we were doing great til my brother came home and drowned out the music with Family Guy at a volume about 17 notches too high. then my dad came home and began to ask too many questions as usual. i think these things are much more normal than cozy.

Toni said...

Vanessa--You are right! Better yet, I should have had the Von Toews family singers come over and sing some carols. Complete with a trombone and tube, of course :)

live a colorful life said...

Toni, your picture looks like it's from a magazine. So no one can tell from the picture that your evening wasn't really cute and cozy.

I'm with you on Delilah. Mark likes to listen to her just because he knows how much she bugs me. What IS it with husbands who purposely do things to annoy you??

Anyway, your tree and decorations are beautiful.


CeCe said...

this may have been the funniest thing I've read in a long time... we spent our cozy decorating time arguing about how I'm too "Martha Stewart" and I don't allow any "fun" on the tree. I'm sorry, but if vintage inspired wooden snowflakes aren't fun, I don't know what is! How is a Dodger Blue Ball fun?! Seriously. :)

Beautiful tree! :)

Toni said...

Cindy- thank you! I am glad I am not the only one with a distaste for Delilah.