Tuesday, December 23, 2008

good things come in cute packages

For me, the simpler the better when it comes to wrapping paper. I am not sure where I inherited this simple taste, because at my mom's house it looks like Roy G. Biv himself exploded under the tree. Now this could be in part to my 16 year old sister being in charge of wrapping gifts...purple wrapping, green bow...perfection! Now dont get me wrong, a colorful assortment of gifts are beautiful, and totally reminiscent of every Christmas growing up. But for under my own tree, I kept it simple.

Last year I used brown mailing paper and red ribbon. This year I decided to change it up (I am so crazy, I know) and used white craft paper and, wait for it, wait for it....TWO ribbon colors! No, really, I think it looks pretty darn cute.


CeCe said...

you are so cute.

and my hubby wrapped most of the presents... so he wrapped them in white paper and then drew inappropriate pictures all over the paper with sharpie pen.


Momma D said...

Love it! My mom has had this thing for bows for years. It has become the family joke... "Save the bows! Save the bows!" We used to throw them away on purpose just to set her off. Yeah, we're mean that way. I'm ruined for life now. I think I bought bows a few years back. I don't put them on the wrapped boxes unless I rip the paper and its totally obvious or if the little flap at the end of the box is too short and I need to cover the actual box that is exposed. Otherwise, the gifts have somewhat color coordinated paper and a name tag written with a shapie.
Speaking of paper I buy it every year, year after year, because it's clearanced and I MIGHT need more next year. I never need more. I think I can use the Costco roll I have used for the past 2 Christmas' double sided and coordinated) for next year and mix it in with the OTHER roll of Costco paper (double sided and coordinated) which I bought 2 years ago and JUST opened this year along with the 4 regular rolls from Target that I bought last year and never opened for atleast 2 more years. Yeah, my mom had a thing for bows. I hate bows. But apparently I have a thing for paper!