Thursday, January 1, 2009

christmas book

So technically Christmas is O-V-E-R and the new year is here, but all my decorations are still up and I have one last Christmas related post. Every year, when I go over to my mother-in-law's I look at her Christmas book. Its an album really and she started it in 1985, the year Peter was born. Every year since then she has added the family Christmas card, Christmas related photos and info about that years festivities. It is so fun to look back and see how my husband celebrated with his family over the years. Where they went, what they ate, how they decorated, who was sick, etc. It captures that special time of the year for their family.

This year, I was so surprised when one of the gifts I opened was a Christmas book of my own. A cute red leather album. Now, those of you who know me now that scrapbooking is not my thing. Sitting down and cutting little shapes out of paper does not sound fun at all. I do not have the patience for it. I do like the digital ones, and would consider those, but anyway, this is NOT a scrapbook. I simply include my photos of the season (family, decorations, gifts, card, etc) and then fill out info using a template. Where we celebrated, what we ate, our decorations, and news events of the year are some of the categories. I am looking forward to filling out our first few pages from our second Christmas as a family of 2.

this is NOT what the Christmas book is about...

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