Thursday, January 1, 2009

first day of the year

I am sitting here with my man enjoying the first morning of 2009. Me, on the big chair, sipping apple cider. Up early to watch the parade. He, on the couch watching the first of many football games. Not up early. Both, mentally preparing for the feast that lies before us at the annual New Years Party. We are talking about thought provoking issues that we will face in this new year. Like, "What do you think about moving the bed around in our room?" (Do we have to talk about this) and "Do you have any opinion about framing for our wedding pictures?" (No, just not round) and "Are you going snowboarding tomorrow?" (Yes) and "Should I buy these plates?" (No answer).

This day is full of family, friends, football, and food. And I love it.

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Mr. McIllwain said...

Ah, the new year! I hope it is well for you guys. :)