Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yesterday, I was reminded of one of the most liberating, exciting, scream inducing, fast hands clap causing, moments of one's life.

Passing your driving test. Getting your license.

Dont you remember how BIG this was? What that new found freedom felt like? It didnt matter what kind of car you drove or where you went. It was just that you could.

Last night her new freedom included a trip to my house (only about 5 houses away), a trip to the grocery store, and a trip to dinner with her friends. All the while my mom was a ball of nerves and I was amazed that this was my baby sister.

Congrats Nikki! The green cavalier is back in action!


Olive Oyl said...

I heard the good news last night and I'm so excited for her! Go Nikkster! :)

vanessa said...

when i got her text, i did a little scream, hand clap and a sigh of relief :) i'm so happy the cav is returning to its glory and yes, i DO remember how exhilarating it was to go to the store and buy milk for my mother. i also remember how we thought we were soooo much smarter than our parents when i would drop you off 3 houses down from your parent's home so that you could "walk home." miss that dodge ;)

Angie said...

YAAAAY for Nikki!This brings back memories of me picking you up for school so I could justify driving...ahhh, the good ole days!