Monday, October 13, 2008

one down....

three to go! Sunday afternoon, the Frantz fam went to cheer on the Dodgers. We were definitely not alone, as that night set a record for the most people at a Dodger game. The game was exciting (5 runs in the first inning), the crowd was electric, and I swung that rally towel around like nobody's business.

Here are some highlights:

spending time with my peter

garlic fries, need I say more?

a bench clearing (almost) brawl

seeing Tiger Woods...and not just on the big screen--he was sitting in the section in front of us

seeing our friends matt and sam at the gas station on the way out

sorry no pic--I had been sleeping in the car anyway, so a picture would definitely not be flattering

did I mention this guy?
and please disregard the people behind us...they were super grouchy. I tried to make sure the lint from my crazy, flying rally towel went all over them. And I will say, when they stood up to leave, she definitely had some fuzzies on her forest green velour suit. mission accomplished.

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