Saturday, October 4, 2008

dear los angeles dodgers,

Because of you, I am spending this Saturday night alone. Because of you, I have spent many nights alone. I have also spent countless hours in the car driving to and from the stadium.

Because of you, I have learned the legend that is Vin Scully and the crapness that is Charlie Steiner. I have learned that even if the game is not on tv, we will for sure be listening to it on the radio. And that if the tv announcers are not up to par (meaning, not Vin), that it is just as effective to turn the tv to mute and turn the radio on.

Because of you, I know so many team facts that I am somehow able to retain. Players names, positions, where they are from, numbers, mothers maiden name. I know the power of Manny and what he has brought to LA. And I know at any given time, what major players are on the DL.

Becuase of you, I have regular discussions with my husband about not painting a blue stripe in our office. Excuse me, a Dodger blue stripe. I have to read articles found by my husband just to learn more about you and further understand his love for you. And I have spent countless, countless hours listening to him analyze you, complain about you, and cheer for you.

And because of you, tonight, I have a very happy husband. And because of you I was teary eyed (no, more than that--I was crying) sitting here and watching that last out and clapping my hands really fast (my way of showing excitment, or what happens when I see something cute--clothes, houses, babies...) Knowing how exciting and ecstatic he is at the staduim. I wish I could have been there to see his face.


Now the Dodgers are not in the World Series (yet!), but this is the farthest they have gotten in 20 years. And I have faith they will go all the way. This may seem dramatic to some of you, but let me assure you, the Dodgers are a big, BIG part of our lives. It is not just when we go to games, it is everyday. Sometimes I complain. Sometimes I get tired of it. But I am so happy and thankful to have a husband who is so passionate and excited about something...besides me of course.

even though my husband thinks blogs are pretty lame, this post is for him. because I love him and he loves me. and the Dodgers.


CeCe said...

I love it Toni. I know my husband isn't to the extent as your hubby, (you know, because we have to save some of our obsession with sports for USC...), but I love that about a kagillion times yesterday, Mark BEGGED me to buy $170 tickets so he could go to the Dodger game. And when I suggested we call Peter about the cable, Mark was like, "Um, no way, he is totally going to be at the game..." :)

I'm so happy for the Dodgers! Yeah team! If anyone deserves it, the boys in blue do!

...and I'm so glad we share the love for the happy fast clap. :)

Tara said...

I loved your blog, Toni. Very poetic and accurate. And I would not be in favor of a Dodger blue stripe in the office, either. Hopefully we will get to go to the next game in LA with the fam! :)

Angie said...

Toni, I am so glad we share in the ups and downs of our husbands' sports obsessions. While we were at the SC game, Dave was catching the Dodger play-by-play via the phone. We practically sprinted to the car after the Trojan victory in hopes of catching Vin Scully and his account of Dodger triumph. Yay for happy husbands :)