Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well, in my quest to finish the guest room before, I dont know 2010, I have checked re finishing the dresser off the list. I loved the lines of this old dresser and knew I wanted it white with clear knobs, so this was actually quite an easy project. All it took was sanding it down, 2 thin coats of oil-based primer (better for furniture), and 2 coats of Martha Stewart's Picket Fences. Add a few clear acrylic knobs from Target (wanted glass, but didnt want the price) and viola!--a new and improved dresser.

I love the way it turned out, a creamy white with a little original wood on the edges, and it will look great in the guest room and a baby's room later on. much, much later on.

Other than that and a few additional accessories and a possible headboard idea, the room is at a standstill. We need to replaster the ceiling , which needs to be done obviously before anything else. My goal is to get to that this week. However with the current state of the Dodgers and the up and down roller coaster they are putting us through, the ceiling might get the back burner this week. So stay tuned, I swear this room will be done before 2010.


Jill said...

Very cute! Can't wait to see the rest!

Katie said...

That dresser looks so amazing. White was a really great choice.

CeCe said...

I love it! I love clear knobs... but yes, the price of glass is outrageous. That is the perfect little nook for it too!

allie said...

That looks so cute!! That's exactly what I want to do with one of my grandma's dressers.