Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

Peter's office gets wild and crazy on Halloween, complete with a costume contest. Those of you who know Peter, know he is not really a costume kind of guy. But he is a good sport, so last year he went as a Dodger fan. Not exactly a costume (more like his everyday wardrobe from April to October) but it was free, so I was all for it. Well this year he decided to up the ante.

Instead of Dodger Fan '08, Peter transformed himself into the one and only Manny Ramirez. He even removed the dreads from and old Jamaican hat and carefully sewed (thats right, sewed) them into the lining of one of his old Dodger hats. Sunglasses and a baggy Dodger warm-up outfit made the transformation complete. He was definitely an office favorite.

As for tonight, we are staying home and passing out candy, hoping to see lots of trick or treaters from our little neighborhood.


Sean said...

I think it's awesome he had an old Jamaican hat to work with

vanessa said...

yes, i agree with sean. however, lets just be honest, his skin color is a little lacking in pigment. i was hoping the description would have included, "then i helped peter paint his face with black lady foundation..."

Toni said...

HAHA! I wish! I suggested that a little face coloration would totally seal the deal. Peter was less than amused. I have no idea why. Maybe next year, he is still easing into this costume thing :)