Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am interrupting my real world of Project Pine renovation to bring you a little fantasy. Cote de Texas had a fabulous post about the interior design of the Hampton's beach house in Something's Gotta Give. One of my favorite movies and definitely one of my favorite movie houses. In my next life I will move to the Hamptons (with Pete of course), live in a fabulous white beach mansion, have dinner parties with Ina Garten, and take my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with me wherever I go. Pretentious? maybe. Fabulous? absolutely.

So here are some pics of the beautiful home. And although one chair probably costs as much as my entire college education, I will always love this style and look to it for inspiration.

*love the muted colors, slipcovered chairs, and collection of plates

*how fabulous are all those windows and the trim work? so cozy and yet so chic

*yes please

*not the actual kitchen, but a replica. and quite possibly the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen. what is not to love? the white cabinets, vintage hinges, subway tiles, contrast with dark floors and counters, drop pendants, glass front cabinets. I am lusting....


CeCe said...

I'm gaga over all the dishes. I LOVE DISHES.

Jeffrey and Ina are coming over to my place on Sunday for some suculunt herb chicken with rosemary potatoes and a side of mango raspberry chutney. I think that I'll drive to the wine store in my convertible BMW to pick out the purrrrrrrrrfect wine to go with the meal, then over to the deli to get some various olives to put out as an appetizer before the meal. :)

Jill said...

Ina only eats good olives. So make sure you don't buy any that are marked "not good".

Vanessa said...

oh of course jill, we all shop at the "good" store. have you not been there yet?!

i'm OBSESSED with that movie and especially that house! i've always wanted to write my novel in that bedroom where she writes her play.