Friday, July 25, 2008

recent favorite things

Lately I have been hooked on this HBO miniseries. I had heard about it only a few weeks ago and thought it sounded interesting. So last weekend, I went over to my parents house and lo and behold discovered the dvd collection of this series in their office. Score! No one was home to ask or object, so I promptly took the unopened box home. I love history (I think it comes from my dad and his love for historical biographies, novels, and movies and having those around the house when we were younger). Especially US history, so I was excited to start watching these last Saturday. I will admit, the first half of the first episode was a little slow, and it took some time to get used to Paul Giamatti's accent, but I have become completely enthralled in the series. Giamatti and Laura Linney do an amazing job portraying John and Abigail Adams. The dynamic of their relationship is fascinating to watch. I dont know if the series is completely historically accurate (I am assuming not), but it provides a different view and insight into the foundation of our country.

I cant wait to go home from work everyday and watch another episode. Nerdy, I know. Sadly, I only have two left.

Luckily, this is back! I know, I know, much more superficial and on a totally different level than John Adams. But just as entertaining.


allie said...

I watched the John Adams miniseries, it was so good!

Sean said...

great miniseries,we almost cried during the llast episode

CeCe said...

sigh. I miss cable. :(