Monday, January 2, 2012

Week 31 and 32

I am trying hard to catch up on these photos. More than anything, they are fun for me to look back on and see the growth of my belly. And to think I thought I looked huge at like, 20 weeks. Ha!

Things are starting to get more and more uncomfortable. Mainly in my legs. I was not prepared for the intense leg pain. All day, everyday. Small price to pay, of course. And I am thankful it has not spread to my back. Sleep is also becoming more elusive, as it is hard to shut my brain down every night. Work lists, baby lists, house lists, its never ending.

I am trying hard to enjoy these last few weeks though. Last few weeks of feeling baby kicks. Last few weeks of my full-time job. Last few weeks of just Peter and I. In all the excitement that is to come, I need to remember not to get ahead of myself and enjoy these moments.

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