Sunday, January 22, 2012

new trees

The almond trees surrounding Peter's parents home were taken out at the end of last year. After 23 years of producing nuts, they were old, tired and ready to be replaced.

As you can imagine, this greatly changed the landscape around their house. But the exciting thing is, new baby trees have been planted - continuing the legacy of almond farming in the family.

Fun tidbit is that these new trees were planted in 2012. So they will be the same "age" as our baby. I am envisioning yearly pictures with our little one in front of the trees, tracking both their growth :)


Katie said...

That will be a fantastic way to chart growth! What a great idea!!! Now that Ruby is here it's BABY FRANTZ's turn to arrive! We are excited over here :)

betsy said...

I think that's a great idea!! DO IT! :)

Kathleen said...

Toni, that is so so sweet little frantz will grow up with the new orchard.

Jake ALWAYS gets nostalgic when they cut down an orchard. He may even had gotten a little tear eyed when I showed him this post. ok.. maybe that was me :)