Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 34 and 35

Is it just me or do I look a LOT bigger in the 35 week picture? I mean, I know I am still growing but jeez. I am choosing to attribute some of it to my shirt. And probably some of it to the large YogurtLand I just finished eating. They say at this stage your baby is just putting on fat. Hmmm...I would agree.

I am actually almost 36 weeks as I write this post. Normal things are becoming increasingly difficult. I find myself completely winded after getting dressed in the morning. Putting on socks? Forget about it. Lugging my lunch bag, gym bag, purse, and various other items from my car to my office every morning? Exhausting. You know its bad when its 8:15 am and you already need a nap. Heartburn is in full swing, no matter what I eat and my right leg seems to hate me and cramps up in protest every night.

But the tiny elbows and feet jabbing me. And the kicks waking me up every morning make everything worth it. And after the birth of a dear friend's baby this weekend (welcome to the world, Ruby!) we are even more excited to start this new adventure.

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Alicia said...

You look beautiful Toni! And even though your baby bump is huge your face and arms are still really thin. Your body will be back to normal in no time!