Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have had these lamps sitting around since last fall. I purchased them for $3 at my church yard sale. And they have been sitting in a closet ever since.

The color was a blah blue and the finish was crackle.
Yes, crackle.

But I loved the shape and knew they had potential. And, lets be honest I would rather spend money on other things than lamps, so the $3 price tag was very appealing.

A can of yellow spray paint and two new shades later, I have new lamps.

I think they look cute!
(and yes, I am aware the buffet needs to be refinished)


Katie said...

I remember you buying those lamps...big improvement! I can't wait for this year's sale, I always find the best stuff.

Toni said...

Me too Katie! This year I am on the lookout for a tall book case. Or any cute baby things. Keep an eye out for me.