Monday, September 12, 2011

new project

This little bloggy space of mine has been pretty quiet all summer.
But that does not mean I have not been busy.

In fact, I have been working on the most important project of my life....

baby Frantz at 11 weeks

I am currently 17 weeks and feeling great. The exhaustion is here to stay, it seems, but the other first trimester symptoms thankfully disappeared a few weeks ago. In their place came a growing belly, tighter pants, and leg pains.

But I could not be more thankful. Peter and I are thrilled and so blessed to have a healthy, growing baby. We constantly talk about our little baby girl or baby boy (the gender will remain a surprise till birth) and are so excited to become a family of three. (plus Scully, of course)

First trimester thoughts:
*Keeping baby a secret for 10 weeks was easier than I thought
*Plane rides will make me throw up. Pray for understanding seat mates.
*Telling our parents (especially my mom) AFTER we came back from Costa Rica was a smart idea (...are you sure you should have ziplined?!?!)
*Growing a garden full of cucumbers and zucchini is rather sad when the thought of vegetables makes me want to die
*It is absolutley necessary to sleep for hours after coming home from work everyday
*When you pin countless amounts of nursery ideas to your Pinterest, people will assume you are pregnant
*Jolly Ranchers and life saver mints will literally save your life
*Sonic happy hour limeade and tots are a perfectly acceptable snack
*I have never been more happy, excited, worried, and scared in my life

This baby is already such a blessing to Peter and I and our families. We cant wait for the adventure that is to come!


betsy said...

YAY! can't wait to meet baby frantz!!!

Katie said...

So glad that our boys will have a new friend soon! What fun :)

Kathleen said...

best project EVER. I still want to see your bump :)