Saturday, September 24, 2011

week by week (15, 16, 17)

Since about week 10 of my pregnancy, I have been taking pictures of my belly growth.
Its fun to look back and think "Ha! I thought I had a belly THEN?!?"

My, how quickly things change.

{disclaimer: I am not naive and I fully realize my belly is not THAT big. Yet. And I will only get bigger from here on out.}

I also like to see the fruit/vegetable size comparison.
From a poppyseed to a pumpkin. Amazing.
Although I must say, things like a blueberry, lime, or peach are much cuter than a hairy root vegetable. Turnip? No thanks.

Here are some pictures so far.


Kathleen said...

a dor a ble.

The O'Connells said...

You are darling!! But there must be something bigger than a pumpkin... I think I got up to a mac truck with Lauren!

Angie said...

Since I am a Mack, I'm pretty sure that Mack truck thing will apply to me :) I love your cute belly!!

Amber said...

I am so glad you are doing this! Too cute!

allie said...

cute!! I love the chalkboard idea

Kellyanne Revenaugh said...

How adorable! You're definitely working that pregnancy glow. ;)

Laura Thiessen said...

Wow, it's so exciting learning about your little avocado! Congratulations, and keep up the wonderful pictures! Baby will also love to see those in a few years :)