Sunday, January 23, 2011

winter citrus

We eat a ton of fruit in out house. And I try to eat mainly fruit that is in season. Summer, obviously, is the best with all the fresh peaches from the farm. September - November lags on, with only apples from the grocery store.

But December brings anticipation of the Frantz oranges and lemons.

Thanks again to my father-in-law for growing absolutely delicious citrus.

We mainly eat the oranges plain (with lunch and dinner), but I have also been enjoying this favorite snack. Thanks Katie!
{plain yogurt, oranges, granola}

Here are a few of my other favorite citrus recipes:
spicy orange chicken
lemon buttermilk cookies
baked lemon pasta

lemon poppy seed loaf


Katie said...

Thanks for the recipe links! I'm always looking for new things to do with the citrus we get. Here's another good recipe that we LOVE...

toni said...

Thanks Katie! That will definitely be added to my menu SOON.

Kathleen said...

grr those lemon buttermilk cookies got the best of me! I have to try that recipe again