Sunday, January 2, 2011


I am lucky to work for a great company that gives their employees a week vacation after Christmas. It makes this looong stretch to Memorial Day (my next paid day off, sigh) that much more bearable.

We are soon embarking upon tax season (shudder...) around here, so this week off to refresh, organize my house, clean, and work on a couple projects has been so, so nice. And yes, I stayed home the entire week (with the exception of going snowboarding one day) and it suited me just fine. I have embraced the fact that being home is my favorite place to be. I can keep myself occupied all day, while still feeling relaxed.

I dont really have any pictures for this post (project pictures coming soon...hopefully) except for this:

{good earth tea}

Have you tried it? I love it. Its sweet and full of spices. It has been a staple of mine for the past few weeks (thanks to my co-worker) and I have thoroughly enjoyed my mug of tea every morning during my week at home.

Drinking it at my desk in my office is just not quite the same...

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christi said...

I agree with you -- we love staying at home! It is our favorite place to be. I'm so glad you got some time off before tax season. What a gift that your company gives you this time before the craziness begins. Good for you for doing exactly what you wanted! I agree, Good Earth original is delicious! Over Christmas break, I drank it was a little egg nog in it and it made it that much better! But without eggnong, it is still delicious! Happy Wednesday! Hope your week back is going well.