Saturday, January 8, 2011

project: bookshelf

During my stay-cation a couple weeks ago, I tackled a couple projects around the house. The largest and most time-consuming was definitely painting the built-in bookshelf in our front room.

{Most of the other projects revolved around laundry.
As in, actually doing some.
And taming the clean clothes mountain. I loathe folding.}

The bookshelf is something that we have talked about painting since we bought our house. It used to match our kitchen cabinets, but those got a major makeover a couple years ago, and this built-in has been neglected ever since.

Not to say that I have not used it, I have. It does not hold books, but rather my collection of white serving pieces. Partly because I love white ware, but mainly because I have no where else to put them.

Here are some before and after shots:

when we first looked at the house...

week we moved in...obviously I had nothing to put up there

Ahh!! that shine. scary. wood should not look like that

Much better...

We used the same paint as our cabinets, installed beadboard in a gray shade to the back, and added new knobs and molding.

I really like the way it turned out!


Kathleen said...

so beautiful! can you come help me with my house now??

Angie said...

It looks great! The knobs turned out to be perfect!

me said...

That looks so good. I love the gray background!

allie said...

sorry i was the "me", had to change that :)

Katie said...

Looks great Toni! I was wondering if the shiny wood was starting to grow on you...guess not :)

vanessa said...

i've been a BIIIG supporter of this decision since i first saw this built in! love the beadboard!

allie, you confused me. i read "me said..." and i thought, "that's strange, i have no recollection of commenting on this."

Sharon said...

Your shelves look amazing. Not only the white paint but also the way you "styled" them. Great job!