Saturday, August 7, 2010


My father-in-law grows peaches around his property. And every summer, we are the lucky recipients of a weekly supply. And I dont know if its his special farmer touch (I am willing to bet it is), but these peaches are the best. Ever.

Better than any fruit stand and definitely better than the store, these peaches taste like candy. They are so sweet and wonderful.

We are lucky to live in an area where we can find so many fresh, local fruits and veggies during the summer. We have been enjoying peaches, plums, watermelon, zucchini, and corn (all local) all summer. I love it.

Aside from simply sliced in a bowl, one of my favorite way to eat these peaches is on my Sunday morning waffles with powdered sugar.

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christi said...

i want some! makes me miss summer. last year, i didn't get any delicious peaches -- the farmer's market didn't even have great ones.