Tuesday, December 28, 2010

homemade marshmallows

For the past few years, I have tried to make a new candy confection over the Christmas season to bag and give out to friends. This year, I knew I wanted to tackle homemade marshmallows.

Using the techniques from these two recipes, I created the basic marshmallow. Then I saw this idea and loved it.

Making marshmallows is not difficult, but it does take time and a little patience. Oh, and you should just be prepared for a gooey, sticky mess.

Its inevitable.

What starts as just humble gelatin....
ps..do you know what gelatin is made out of? If not, dont look it up.

...soon turns to this!

And after a few hours in the fridge....

These keep for about a week. They are yummy in hot chocolate, dipped in fondue, or just plain!

And, regrettably, I probably consumed half of them myself.

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Olive Oyl said...

I did NOT get one of those darling bags of deliciousness dropped off on my doorstep. How dare you.


Can't wait to see you this week and bust out my JM moves!!! :)