Saturday, July 3, 2010

no place like home

I am a homebody. I am not ashamed to admit it. There honestly is no place I would rather be. Which is why, after two weeks of being gone, I was so so happy to be home Thursday night.

The first week away from home was spent on vacation. Which was fabulous and so much fun (pictures to come soon). I was home for less than 24 hours before I had to board another plane, headed for a work trip.

So the second week was spent in Denver at our industry's (education technology) largest international conference.

The conference was a success, but I so, so missed being home. Its hard to spend a whole week non-stop with your husband and then up and leave for a week. Very hard.

But enough of the pity party. I am home now! My house is clean and my fridge is stocked. Thank you to all the family and friends who fed my husband. I now realize (my hefty grocery bill yesterday made this clear) I left him with ZERO food.

Although I didnt take a lot of pictures, Denver is actually a cool place. Last time I was there (for another conference) there was a blizzard, so needless to say I did not venture out much. This time the weather was great and downtown was definitely alive. A couple fun things...

Public pianos.

We say this in NYC, so I am not sure what other cities have them. Basically all around downtown Denver there are these painted pianos. People can just play them freely at any time. They are not reserved for street performers or anything. It was fun to see people sit down to play and fill the area with beautiful music.


Again, I am sure other cities have these bikes, but I had never seen them before. The bike stations were at various locations around town. I am not quite sure how the system works, but it seemed you could just use a pay machine to rent them out for the day. I saw business people and tourists alike use these bikes. A fun way to get around town.

Denver also inspired me to make my own granola. Every morning I would visit this yogurt place outside my hotel. You could make your own breakfast parfait and I was hooked. So, during previously mentioned grocery trip, I bought all the ingredients necessary to recreate this yummy breakfast at home.

Granola recipe, courtesy of Katie's blog.

Simple breakfast. Perfect for summer.
Plain yogurt
Diced strawberries (peaches or nectarines would be good too)
Homemade granola
Sprinkle of shredded coconut

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vanessa said...

The bike rental system is like redbox for bikes! Use the pay machine, grab a bike, cruise and return it when you're finished. The system was started in Paris - trés chic!