Sunday, June 27, 2010

office part 2

Here is the second update on our office. warning...this part is not as exciting.

First is the renovation of the green dresser. You remember that right? The dresser found for $20 at a yard sale that was in need of a makeover.

Well here she is!

Kind of hard to tell, but the color is a light blue from the Martha Stewart line. I looove her colors! I kept the original hardware (cleaned in a baking soda solution) and think it looks great! Painting furniture can be difficult, especially a piece like this with layers and layers of old paint, and I am by no means an expert. At all. I just take it as a learning experience. It was hard to get a super smooth finish on this but I am happy with the overall look. This will look great in a kids room one day.

Scully helped me out on this project. By constantly stealing my sand paper and chewing on it. She is so helpful.

Next, was coming up with a solution for Peter's Dodger collection. And I will start by saying this didnt come out the way I expected. The vintage magazines look great in their new frames and I was hoping the ledges I bought at Ikea would be wide enough to also display some of the (many) bobbleheads.
No such luck.

As you can see the bobbleheads do not fit. In fact, Fernando Valenzuela was about to bobble right off. Not good. I was disappointed, but after working on this room for a week after work every night (late) and trying to prepare for vacation AND a work trip I got over it. Maybe one day I will get wider ledges, maybe not. For now the bobbleheads are all lined up on the desk. Not my favorite, but fine for now.

We left this room intentionally a little spare on one side. Eventually a bed will be moved in here (I am hoping for a daybed against the window) and this will become the office/guest room.

Final touches include new faux wood white blinds and different white curtains with a fun fabric band on the bottom. Stay tuned. But dont expect anything soon. A recent vacation and 2 week long work trips have stalled the progress.

Oh and new carpet...eventually. I know, I know. We are not in love with the mauve carpet. Shocking.

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allie said...

Love the dresser! So cute!