Friday, July 23, 2010

summer night

Because I have been traveling so much I feel like this summer is flying right by. This makes me sad. Even though I dont have summers off, I still want to make the most of my favorite season.

We need to have more nights like Thursday night.

fresh peaches and corn from the farm. every night.

eyes on the Dodger game.

walking scully

The time that I have been home, we have mostly spent outside or in the pool at my parents.
This. is. why.

Thats right people. 93 degrees inside. At 9 p.m.
This is deceiving though.
It didnt feel like 93.
It felt like 193. I am not even joking.
It was cooler outside. Even when it was 100.

Have you ever been so hot you have cried? I have. 2 weeks ago.
I also threatened that night to move back home permanently to my parents if I didnt cool off in 10 minutes. And I was serious. Peter said I was being dramatic and go to sleep.
No way! I have never been dramatic in my life!

Ok. Thats a lie. But I meant business this time. Lucky for him I finally started to feel the fan. Or else, I was outta here.

But. BUT! As I type this there are men up on my roof and in my house working on rescuing me from an early death by heat exhaustion.

Goal: New ac by Saturday afternoon. Almost a month after it died.

Stay tuned for an update tomorrow. With (hopefully!) good news.


Olive Oyl said...

so glad you are finally getting an AC!!! Popeye asked what you guys were doing while it was out, and I said you were hanging out a lot at your mom's house... then he got all concerned.... "but what about SCULLY!? Aren't they worried about how the heat is affecting her??"


Bike ride next week? Please?!

Toni said...

Yes, bike ride! Also, let your hubby know we have been taking Scully with us. We would not subject her to this misery.

Angie said...

2 words: SNO FUN.

I want to bike ride!