Saturday, June 20, 2009

down and dirty

So after Peter being in Oregon all last week for work, I was thinking we were going to have a quite, lazy Saturday.
Um, not quite.
Friday night I was informed that Peter would be playing in the Kern County Mud Volleyball Tourney the next morning. And I was invited to play. He was on his work team, it was double elimination, it started at 9am, and he would probably be home in a couple hours. Ok, well I might as well go to. It will only be for a couple hours, I would be home by noon.
Again, not quite.

I am sitting here on my couch, tired and too pink from the sun. We did not lose right away like I expected. In fact we kept on winning. In fact we won 4th out of over 90 teams. Our scrappy finesse carried us to the end. I spent the entire day getting down and dirty and I loved it.


Olive Oyl said...

You are hilarious. I looked for you on the news last night, but apparently they were only interested in showing chicks in bikinis and dudes with mullets. Darn.

toni said...

haha! I didnt see a lot of mullets, but there was a ton of steroid bodies, beer, and tattoos.

kathleen said...

Ok, I am confused.. Did you play? Did you wear a scantily clad bikini and drink Natural Ice Beer??

toni said...

Yeah I played! I have scrapes on my knee to prove it. But no, I did not wear my bikini (Can you imagine me playing in my bikini--eww. Actually the ladies in the bikinis were on the sidelines) And no, no Natty Ice was consumed by me. Although I am crediting the beer for many of our wins. It inhibited the better teams :)

vanessa said...

natty ice only makes you stronger...


you know where you got those mad vball skills!