Saturday, July 4, 2009

3rd of july

This year we hosted our 2nd annual 3rd of July Party. The weather was nice, the food was fabulous, and the friends were the best. Seriously, we are so lucky to live near so many of our close friends. They really are an extension of our family.

We had yummy appetizers and drinks, a burger bar, and fantastic homemade desserts.

Of course, the town firework show we can see from our front yard never disappoints.

We ended the night with round after round of Catchphrase on our lighted patio.
And like every good party, I was too busy to take pictures.

So here is the only and my Peter.

Check out Olive Oyl for more pics!

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Olive Oyl said...

Ridiculously fun. I keep laughing to myself about random things from the night. Like the boys' inability to understand ANY word on Catch Phrase... our serious photo shoot... and the fact that I through a flip flop at Melanie full force. ahhhh. I love you, dear friend. And of course I am already counting down the days until next years' 3rd of July party!

Okay... and I'm counting down until TUESDAY when BLS3 comes out on DVD.

And only 10 MORE DAYS until Harry Potter comes out! Seriously... can we go see the midnight showing!?!?